As we close out a very challenging year in 2020, we are reminded that there exists an incredible generosity from so many of you connected to Perfect Game and the Perfect Game Cares Foundation. A true act of kindness is to give without the expectation of receiving anything in return and did you ever step up to that challenge!

Throughout the year, we have seen so many players, families, coaches, corporate partners and communities donate in significant record-breaking ways. Your donations and hard work resulted in raising over $500,000 for pediatric cancer patients and their families as well as thousands of children from America’s underserved communities.

We are humbled to know that you have given to children who you may never meet, especially during such a difficult year. Those important funds will make dramatic improvements to help change the narrative for these beautiful children.

We are particularly proud of the young men and their families who raised funds through our WWBAs, Select Festivals and the Perfect Game All-American Classic. To see the next generation not only raise funds but do so with an eagerness to give back was heartwarming and humbling. We are so very grateful. You should feel a great sense of pride. 

To our communities and corporate partners, our charity events and initiatives would not be possible without your gracious support and like-minded commitment to make a real difference in the lives of children.

A very special thank you to the hundreds of former and current MLB athletes who continue to support PG Cares throughout the years. We could not do what we do without your support.

2021 looks to be an incredible year for our foundation. We are adding additional high-profile celebrity events, continuing the growth of our player fundraising within our jewel events, rolling out amazing programming in communities across America, fundraising with softball families across the United States and launching a viral fundraising challenge come Spring 2021 that we cannot wait for you to participate in.

Please feel free to visit our website regularly as we will be releasing our schedule of events very soon and let us know if there are ways you would like to get involved. The more the merrier. It takes a true team effort on and off the field, but the results are long-lasting for everyone. With help…Children can Rise! Rise out of illness! Rise out of poverty! Rise to a brighter future!

Happy Holidays to you all.

With gratitude,

Executive Director Jennifer Ford and the PG Cares Team