Frequently Asked Questions



TIP: Make sure you hit SAVE CHANGES anytime you make changes to your page.

Q: What is my username?

A: Your username is your email address.

Q: Do I have to register myself?

A: We strongly encourage you to register yourself so that you may verify your information is entered correctly.

Q: I forgot my username and password.

A: Under the login area, click on forgot my password. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your information.

Q: If I am part of a team, can I register if my team captain has not registered first?

A: Your team captain must register the team first so that you can join the team once you are registered.

Q: I want to be the team captain, is that possible?

A: If you are creating a team, you will automatically be listed as the team captain.

Q: I am registered but I am unable to to sign-in.

A: Please be sure you completed the registration process completely and received a confirmation email. Be sure you are entering your username and password information correctly. Click forgot my password for more assistance.

Q: How can I cancel my registration?

A: You cannot cancel your own registration. Please contact Jennifer at [email protected]

Q: How can I make sure my friends and family are donating to my page correctly?

A: Others can access your page by receiving a link you send them through your fundraising emails, which can be sent directly from the website. You can also share it using social media links accessible on the website. It is easy and fun!

Q: How will I know if someone donates to my page?

A: You will receive an email notification each time an online donation has been made on your behalf. You can also track your progress, thank your donors and message new donors through your page.

Q: Someone has written something inappropriate or private in their donation message or on the message board. How do I remove this text?

A: Contact Jennifer at [email protected]

Q: Someone has made a donation to me but I do not see it on my webpage.

A: The donations may be listed by donor name or anonymous. If you know that someone has made a donation on your page, try refreshing or reloading your browser. If it still does not appear, check the privacy settings at the bottom of the edit your page section of your webpage. You may also contact Jennifer at [email protected] for assistance.

Q: I see duplicate donations on my webpage from the same person. Might this be an error?

A: If you suspect an error has occurred, please contact your donor to confirm. Once confirmed, please contact Jennifer at [email protected] for assistance.

Q: I want to thank my donors. Where can I obtain their email or mailing address?

A: In the donations area of your menu bar, look at donations received and you can send a thank you to your donors.



Q: Do I have to set up a team page before my fundraisers can set up their private fundraising pages?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I find the web address to my personal or team page?

A: In your dashboard, click edit your page to view your URL's.

Q: Will I receive notifications when my fundraisers set up their pages?

A: Yes. You will receive email notifications when new members register online.

Q: Can I customize our team page?

A: Yes. We highly recommend it. You will have access as the team captain to special online features and tools. Team captains have increased functionality in their participant area. By clicking the team tab, they can message all team members; edit the team page with information, pictures and videos; and even update goals.

Q: Are teams automatically registered each year?

A: Beginning in 2020, a team captain may enter the username and password created in 2019 to expedite registration.

Q: Can donations be made to the team or just to individual fundraisers?

A: A donor can place their donation either on the team page or on an individuals page.

Q: How can I show team members who have not registered online on my team webpage?

A: You can update the team's message to list those who have not registered online. The online system will only update those who have registered online automatically.

Q: How long will the team page be active?

A: 30 days after the event

Q: Help! The changes to my team page are not showing up.

A: Be sure you have hit the save changes button after each and every change you make. You can also try logging out and closing your browser.



Q: What is the Perfect Game Cares Foundation, Inc. status?

A: The Perfect Game Cares Foundation, EIN 73-1687284, is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Q: Is donating online safe and secure?

A: Donating online is safe, fast and secure. The Perfect Game Cares Foundation uses 128 bit SSL encyption, the strongest encryption available, which means your personal and credit card information is transmitted securely. 

Q: How do I make sure my donation goes to the correct fundraiser?

A: To make a donation online, visit the link sent to you directly from the fundraiser and click support me to follow the prompts. You can also search for an individual or team via the home page. Your donation will be listed along with your name and personal message unless you choose otherwise before processing your transaction. Please note that if you opt out of listing your name with your donation, your name will not appear on the webpage, but anything you write in the personal message will appear.

Q: Will I receive confirmation of my donation?

A: Yes, donors receive an immediate on-screen and email confirmation of their donation. 

Q: Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

A: Yes, you will receive an instant tax receipt if you have provided us with you email.

Q: Will the person I am donating to be notified when I donate?

A: Yes, upon completion of your donation, the fundraiser will receive an email alerting them to your donation.

Q: What if I would like to make a large private donation to The Perfect Game Cares Foundation?

A: You may contact Jennifer Ford at [email protected]

Q: What if my company would like to offer a match to my donation?

A: Please contact Jennifer Ford at [email protected] or visit our matching gifts page.

Q: How can I ensure my donation stays anonymous?

A: Do not write your name or any identifying information in the message area as this appears on the fundraisers webpage.  If you want to hide your identity even from the fundraiser, you must select hide my name from everyone.

Q: I don't see my donation listed on my fundraiser's page?

A: If you have processed your transaction and received confirmation but do not see your donation reflected, please refresh or reload your browser. If this still doesn't appear, the fundraiser may have selected their own privacy settings. For additional questions, contact Jennifer Ford at [email protected]