It is important to remember that giving is not a business transaction. It is a human connection. To inspire donors to give, it is important to make a meaningful connection by showing them why they matter and how their donation can make a difference.

*People act from their heart. Proceeds from your fundraising go to help the children and families of St. Jude Children's Reasearch Hospital.

*Giving is a personal act. Your donations will be most successful when they are achieved through personal relationships. For example: Donors to approach are family members, neighbors, coaches, teachers, members of your church, companies and co-workers of your parents, businesses you frequent.

*Did you know that many companies offer programs that match the donations you raise? Often times they will match every dollar you raise. Simply ask!

*The act of giving is immediate. Give your donors the opportunity to act here and now. Every dollar raised gets us all closer to STRIKING OUT CANCER!

*Help spread the word via your social media sites. Make sure to always include a direct link to your personal fundraising pages. Ask if your friends and family will share your post on their social media pages too. Together we can make a real difference.